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  1. Golden Years

    Exhibition for future seniors


    Z.A.Meirovica blv. 6

    March 4 - 30

    More: www.garapastaiga.lv

  2. Sprouting Championship - a interactive, month long activity in Liepaja schools. Six teams, more than 150 happy participants from 2th - 7th grade and 24/7 online surveillance and one target - to grow the biggest sprouts from small seeds. In collaboration with Anna Trapenciere.

    Supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiffung, MPLab, SIA Mindmutex, International Sprouting Foundation

  3. The Art of Predicting the Future – an International Festival in Riga  On September 7 – 18 the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art for the third time already invites everyone to the international contemporary art festival SURVIVAL KIT3. 

    Every city or town has its own image; no matter whether intentionally or unintentionally developed – if the image is positive and attractive, it suits everyone. These images differ greatly, for instance: Ventspils – A city with a promising future!; Berlin - Be Berlin; Vienna - Wien ist voll dabei; Stockholm- Beauty on Water; What about Riga? Live Riga? May be… But then again, the Eurostat projection states that in 2060 there will be 35,7% residents aged 65+ in Latvia. We cannot light-heartedly disregard such prognoses. The author believes that we not only have to understand the situation but also have to draft several possible scenarios. The project “Vecumdienas/ Elderly days” offers one such scenario. The project suggests change to the city structure and functions as well as in the attitudes towards old age. The proposed changes are in accordance with the new concept of the city which can be expressed in just a couple of words - Riga, a city in which to grow old! There is nothing unpleasant in this idea. Quite the contrary – concept opens up opportunities to focus on an aspect significant for the whole Europe. We can only benefit from internationally attracting people and encouraging them to live their old days in Riga! Elderly days are like a cake everyone deserves after a long working life! (K.G.)

  4. Acknowledged logo proposal for VFS films. Done by mixing watercolour and computer techniques.

  5. The author of kim?'s poster and card for exhibitions and events in February and March 2011.

  6. Art direction and visual support for LCCA's creative business project Brigade. 

    Components: movie, graphical identity, logo, numerous banners, objects and webpage. In collaboration with Dace Kuske.

    Client: The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

    For movie click here

  7. Consultations for the Sacred Miles by Baltic Travel network.

  8. 09.20009 - 02.2010

    Internship at Studio Skujeniece in Amsterdam. Main work areas: project "sheds", homepage re-design for the studio and technical drawing of the products. 

  9. There are very few things in Latvia which we could call high quality souvenirs and which would be able to compete with the offer of foreign art museums. On the birthday of the distinguished Latvian artist Boriss Bērziņš, the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA) will present the new souvenir line BB. This is the first offer for popularisation of museum values and culture tourism by means of high quality souvenirs whose self-value is not just quality and creative imagination, but also their merger in a stylistically uniform collection which should be perceived as a precedent for more active participation of other entrepreneurs and institutions in the formation of the country's image and promotion of identification of Latvia's art, as well as in popularisation of Latvia's art here and abroad.


    According to painter Boriss Bērziņš’ will, LNMA inherited a collection of his creative works – pictures, graphics, thousands of drawings, photographs and other materials. As of 2007, a regular cycle of exhibitions of the inherited works is taking place in the Small Hall of LNMA. These works are also exhibited in different exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. There is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the collection by making an individual appointment in advance.


    The souvenir line consists of glasses made of crystal glass by students of Latvian Academy of Arts Brigita Zelča and Kristapa Grundšteins (the Annual Award in Design by the Latvian Designers’ Union in the category “Glass and Style” in 2008). The glasses excel with plastics of the broad shapes and rhythms of lines so peculiar of Boriss Bērziņš. Other souvenirs include sets of postcards “Backs” and “Skirts” (LNMA), DVD “Boriss Says” (director Olafs Okonova, cameraman Uldis Jancis, script author Laima Slava, the national cinema award Lielais Kristaps in2002), as well as a monographic album “Boriss Bērziņš” by Laima Slava (publishing house Neputns). The restaurant Kaļķu vārti will come up with a surprise. The packing design for the glasses and a stand for placing the whole line of souvenirs have been developed. Literary editor of informative materials – Anna Iltnere, authors of the graphic design – Sandijs Ruļuks and Monika Gruzīte, HungryLab.

    Image credits // Brigita Zelča, Kristaps Grundšteins. BB glasses. Photo: Gints Mālderis

  10. Object in the Public Space, 2009

    The two large-scale government buildings in Latvia – the Cabinet of Ministers and the Regional Courthouse of Riga – are both located in the quarter between Brīvības, Elizabetes and Tērbatas streets. This block is occupied by only these two buildings. It should be noted that the Cabinet building is one of the biggest monolithic buildings in Riga. Using architectonic solutions to present his view of the city and the development of the state, the author of this project proposes an architectural vision significantly increasing the size and the number of floors of these two buildings. 

    Expanding the Cabinet building would place all ministries under one roof, creating a Castle of Latvian Bureaucracy. By doing so it would be possible to increase work efficiency and promote information exchange. That way all public officials would be working together. The state could then put the real estate belonging to many of these ministries on the market, thus providing itself with the opportunity to fill the growing gaps in the state’s budget, simultaneously increasing the efficiency of administration and reducing the bureaucracy. The citizens in their turn would be given a chance to more easily monitor the work of public officials – the new building itself is designed as a glass structure, creating a pleasant effect of transparency. Sections of the building are designed to best comply with the specific functions of each ministry. For example, there could be a tree nursery in the section reserved for the Ministry of the Environment or a health centre in the section intended for the Ministry of Health, etc. Public officials would not only be able to work in the same building, they would also be provided with a dormitory where those coming from more distant districts of the country or the capital could stay during the work week, enabling further efficiency. The reconstruction project of the building also foresees an apartment for the Prime Minister. A helicopter platform on the roof of the reconstructed Cabinet building would enhance the functionality of this palace of bureaucracy. The new project also foresees 6 catering establishments, one with an open terrace during the summer. The facilities of the High Court, however, will remain unchanged – the only innovation involves building a dormitory for judges and others who work in this structure.

    Along with the expansion of the Cabinet building, some changes will also affect the Regional Courthouse of Riga. Three new architectural units would be built on the base of the present building to provide additional courtrooms and reduce the long queues that are the main problem of the Latvian court system. The newly created courtrooms will significantly increase the number of cases heard by the Court, ensuring that the Court of the Republic of Latvia becomes an efficient system for the application of the law. The reconstruction project also foresees the establishment of a Ministry of Justice Client Complaint Centre. 

    Part of Survival kit project. An arts event in the Riga city where local and international artists are invited to reflect on the diverse survival strategies. Organized by The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

  11. There's a new beer out there! Okay, maybe there will be one some day..

  12. Riga Art Nouveau Museum is the newest museum in nowadays Riga. There you can find all the information about Art Nouveau in Riga and catch some really authentic feeling. 

    Project architect: Svea Kablitz-Krause, Eriks Zile. Project adaptation, specification and project management: Martins Hermansons (Arhiidea), Kristaps Grundsteins. 

    Address: Alberta street 12, Riga, Latvia.

  13. Based on the research on the latvian national taste I came out with the concept of creating a light dessert. It consists of three basic ingredients: a dark bread, a whipped cream and a cranberry marmalade with fruits. Currently in progress.. 

    In collaboration with mag.art. Baiba Lindane

  14. Work still in progress.